Can I Advertise On Rightmove Without An Estate Agent?

February 9th, 2012 by andrew

We often get asked by home owners if it is possible to advertise their property on Rightmove privately rather than go through an estate agent. The short answer is ‘no’ and Rightmove is very careful to ensure only Estate Agents can list their properties on their site after kicking out all the private sellers and non ‘estate agent’ companies a few years ago.

Rightmove has chosen to do this to provide a better quality of service for home buyers and  keep estate agents happy which both result in a more profitable business and happier Rightmove shareholders.

The reason why this provides a better quality of service for home buyers is that unlike private home sale websites, estate agents have to comply with the Estate Agency Act of 1979 and the Misdescriptions Act of 1991 which ensured that amongst other things, estate agents had to visit the properties they were advertising, organise all viewings, inform vendors of all offers and under no circumstances advertise properties details that they know to be false or misleading.This was not the case for private selling companies who relied on the details provided by private home sellers – in the vast majority of cases they never checked the accuracy of the information they were displaying. Understandably, Rightmove did not want property searchers to be presented with property information they could not rely on or advertise the contact details of private home sale companies who did not have to provide clients with certain standards of service.

In the short term Rightmove may have got some additional revenue from signing up these private home sale websites but over time they risked losing web visitors due to displaying poor quality property information and losing fees from estate agents who did not want to share advertising space with private home sale companies who could undercut their fees.

So What About Online Estate Agents – Why Are They Allowed on Rightmove?

Online Estate Agents have to comply with Estate Agency Act of 1979 and the Misdescriptions Act of 1991 and should not be confused with private house sale sites. The main difference between online estate agents and normal estate agents is that online estate agents normally don’t do accompanied viewings. However, given that nearly all traditional estate agents are online and many don’t actually accompany all/any of their viewings the distinction between the two is not that clear cut.

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